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Something has to change.

Beyond experiencing explicit and implicit bias, racism, and systemic oppression, Black helpers face additional unique challenges such as vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and other negative symptoms due to their commitment and efforts as community ambassadors.   We believe that our community can only be as healthy as those who carry the great responsibility of caring for it. Taking care of our community without self-care and intentional prioritization of well-being is martyrdom. 

Taking care of our community without intentionally prioritizing well-being is martyrdom. 

Self-care is an act of resistance.

Launched in 2020, the Black Community Ambassadors Support Program hosts safe spaces, in-person and online educational sessions, and events that facilitate community and enhance the well-being of Black helpers. We serve helping professionals such as counselors, social workers, health and human service workers, DEI and HR professionals, nurses, coaches, and teachers, as well as those who volunteer in various capacities such as mentoring and advocacy. Our work ensures that givers have a space to become receivers, challenging long-standing norms that leave helping professionals burned out and unwell.

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